Welcome to the Domain of Coalition ICT, Your preferred ICT Managed Infrastructure & Business Solutions Partner. Launching in 2005 as an SMME (Small to Medium Enterprise) The Coalition ICT team has over the years gained a substantial amount of information and knowledge into the corporate world. It is in 2009 that we have challenged ourselves to bring African companies the valuable, cost effective and available ICT managed Infrastructure & Business Solutions. With our wide range of Corporate ICT Solutions Coalition ICT will tailor a solution that suits your pocket as well as your business requirements.

Having the some of the greatest minds in the industry as well as the smartest solutions, tried tested, deployed and maintained. Coalition ICT thrives itself on service excellence. This has come to be one of the greatest traits that we have managed to earn over the past 3 years. We currently have a Fix + Service Delivery rating of over 98% and have begun to introduce new levels of service excellence to the industry.

Coalition ICT being an African company and based in the following areas: Johannesburg, Durban, East London, Ghana( Africa ), Botswana, Cape Town promotes BEE ( Black Economic Empowerment ) trade within our sector and most of our greatest minds have been skilled and certified across all levels of  ICT.
Solutions that get the job done are easy to use and do not cost you a fortune, Solutions based on technology that is perfectly matched to your business are solutions that make the most of your existing systems and grow as you do, these are the right solutions. At CoalitionICT we listen to our customers and then design, build, operate and manage Office solutions that meet and exceed customer's needs.

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